Ed Keels

Founder and President

Profit Architects, Inc.

  • Business Consultant Training, Learn How You Can Provide the Help that Business Owners so Desperately Need Right Now.

  • Prospecting, Learn How to Get Clients and How to Interview them and Sell Your Services.

  • Deliverables, Learn What to Deliver to Your Clients and How We Can Do Half the Work For You.

  • Credibility, with a Profit Architect Certification

  • Funding, Learn How to Secure Business Credit for Startup Costs and Working Capital

Watch the Full Video Below to Learn How to Make $100k+ As a Business Consultant

In this video, I'll explain...

  • The incredible need for help that business owners have right now (especially restaurants & bars which alone number 647,288)
  • How you can get the training and expertise you need to provide that help and make $100K+ per year doing it.
  • How to get appointments with business owners… booked for you.
  • How you can get half of the consulting work done by Beyond Breakeven, Inc. serving as your back office to provide client solutions and deliverables.
  • How you can use your Profit Architect Certification to show instant credibility even when you have no history of consulting work or past clients as references.
  • How to legally set up your company and secure business credit for startup costs and working capital.
    • form a corporation,
    • register your company and put it in compliance, so you have a real company
    • set up a website with an SSL certificate and email accounts,
    • obtain business startup and operating capital without personal or business income documentation, collateral, application fees or down payments, and with the debt reporting only to your business and not your personal credit file.  So, no effect on your personal credit score

Total  (one-time payment)  USD $997



4 months of hosting of YOUR website, training, analysis reports, proposals and support, 

a $1,188 value, will be covered by Ed & Beyond Breakeven, to give you a chance to start 

your new business and make some money before you have to commit to spending anything.


After the 4 months, you will be invited to continue the support by signing up for a

consultant membership program at a cost of $297 per month. You Will Not Be Billed

for this fee unless you accept the invitation and register at that time.

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